Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Purpose Statement

Purpose: My purpose is to persuade our society to react together as a community and put a stop to all violence. There are certain neighborhoods that are engage with gang violence, vandalism, or drug dealing. We have heard plenty of times over the news of how innocent children are being victims of shooting for being in the wrong place and time. We, as a community, must worry about our children’s safety from getting home from school or by being at the park. Not so long ago, one of my best friends was beaten down with a sledgehammer close to a bridge and no evidence was found now. Perhaps, this is where more police cameras should be placed around to prevent violence or to capture evidence. The best outcome of this paper is that perhaps more adults will be concerned on their children’s safety and will speak out if danger occurs. The worst outcome of this if by having my audience ignoring the issue and letting crime keep on occurring. This will make criminals feel powerful knowing that they can get out of everything. Audience: My audience for this photo essay will be the society in the community. This means all of the adults like parents, police officers, or security guards. I want to open the broad issue of children’s safety in our communities. After my audience sees my arguments, I would like the parents to be more aware of the communities to improve the safety of our children. They should see all forms of violence that occurs in the neighborhood and how we can prevent it from happening rather than not taking action. Context: The time that my audience should read my paper is as immediately as they can. The reason why is that they should be aware of the danger around their community that they might not know about. As soon as reading it, they should take quick action and call the police department if they know a lot of crime occurs in their street so they can install a POD. I want my audience to read this paper in a kitchen with the whole family gathering around and paying attention to our surroundings. The time that my audience reads my paper should be in a time where they have availability to free time. I want them to pay close attention to my point of how speaking out can impact on our society.

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