Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Closing Statement

Reflecting on my Design Plan, I succeeded on representing Chicago on my blog and talking about the crime that goes on. Perhaps, I could've explained more in my Logos and ethos section. I tried giving the audience the urge to be concerned about the topic of violence in our communities. I am pretty sure that everyone is concerned on safety of our children and knowing that they can be safe at the park. I hope I was able to persuade my audience with my point and they will actually help out the community. Calling the cops immediately if anything suspicious, making sure our playgrounds of our kids is clean and safe.


About 3 years ago, I heard the most devastating news that affected the way I felt being around my neighborhood. One of my closest 14-year-old friends was brutally attacked with a sledgehammer and beaten down to death. He was huddled by a group of gangbangers as they mistakenly confused him for being part of another gang. When I heard this news, it affected my view on our society and the safety of the children in our community. The worst part is that they did not catch any evidence of who the suspects where because no camera was nearby. Gangs have controlled Hermosa, my community, for a couple of years now. If you take a walk around my neighborhood, you can immediately notice gang graffiti as vandalism or alcohol in streets. The children are able to notice as they walk to school all the different types of danger there is. We should not have any children near danger because it can affect their life. If we do not take care of this issue now, it will keep on growing until soldiers will guard our city. We, society, need to take action and make sure no violence is occurring to where it can affect our child’s education. My purpose is to gather all the community to foil any danger occurring in our streets. There are many ways that we can prevent danger such as having more police cameras around the neighborhood. Another way is having more police cars driving around or even in bicycles or in feet going through schools, parks, or stores making sure everything is going the right way. The last way is by having more security surrounding the school zone to prevent any crime. I really want to focus on this area of safety because many innocent teenagers are drying due to gang violence

Design Plan

Strategies: The way I want to portray my argument is in a fun way. I will be acting like an undercover FBI agent and taking pictures of evidence that will support my paper. My images are going to be describing the violence in our community such as Graffiti, gang violence, or alcohol usage. It is going to have the main dangers we see around us and the ways we can prevent it. I will also use ethos, pathos, and logos to catch my audience attention. For ethos-, my audience will be able to see that I care about the community and the children’s safety. They will also tell how I live in a bad neighborhood and how I grew up seeing a lot of crime in my neighborhood. I will show the ways that we can prevent danger from occurring and different types of dangers we see. For pathos-, I will be using pictures of alcohol being in the park to show how obnoxious it is to leave alcohol surrounded by children. I want to feel the need of being concern around there surroundings for their children. For Logos-, I will be explaining why it is important to have more police officers and POD’s. We always hear statistics of how Chicago has most crime committed. Medium: For my medium, I have decided to create my topic in a creative style. I will gather pictures explaining the violence I see in our communities. Then, I will gather pictures of ways we the society can prevent them. I will make sure I make my pictures stand out the most because I strongly believe that pictures tell us the meaning. I will also create a Power Point with the colors of blue to represent the colors of Chicago. I will also focus on the certain point of the images, so I will crop or zoom to focus on the object. My blog will also contain the Chicago flag in the background to represent where I was born and raised and how crime has exceeded. I will be using different font and size styles to focus on what would I be talking about. Arrangement: My power point will be about 10 slides containing types and ways to prevent violence. Each picture will have a small anecdote explaining the picture or background message of it. I will first start with explaining the danger I see around us and continue to talk about ways of fixing the community. Depending on the location of the picture, it will determine whether my goal is for you to read left to right or right to left.

Purpose Statement

Purpose: My purpose is to persuade our society to react together as a community and put a stop to all violence. There are certain neighborhoods that are engage with gang violence, vandalism, or drug dealing. We have heard plenty of times over the news of how innocent children are being victims of shooting for being in the wrong place and time. We, as a community, must worry about our children’s safety from getting home from school or by being at the park. Not so long ago, one of my best friends was beaten down with a sledgehammer close to a bridge and no evidence was found now. Perhaps, this is where more police cameras should be placed around to prevent violence or to capture evidence. The best outcome of this paper is that perhaps more adults will be concerned on their children’s safety and will speak out if danger occurs. The worst outcome of this if by having my audience ignoring the issue and letting crime keep on occurring. This will make criminals feel powerful knowing that they can get out of everything. Audience: My audience for this photo essay will be the society in the community. This means all of the adults like parents, police officers, or security guards. I want to open the broad issue of children’s safety in our communities. After my audience sees my arguments, I would like the parents to be more aware of the communities to improve the safety of our children. They should see all forms of violence that occurs in the neighborhood and how we can prevent it from happening rather than not taking action. Context: The time that my audience should read my paper is as immediately as they can. The reason why is that they should be aware of the danger around their community that they might not know about. As soon as reading it, they should take quick action and call the police department if they know a lot of crime occurs in their street so they can install a POD. I want my audience to read this paper in a kitchen with the whole family gathering around and paying attention to our surroundings. The time that my audience reads my paper should be in a time where they have availability to free time. I want them to pay close attention to my point of how speaking out can impact on our society.