Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Design Plan

Strategies: The way I want to portray my argument is in a fun way. I will be acting like an undercover FBI agent and taking pictures of evidence that will support my paper. My images are going to be describing the violence in our community such as Graffiti, gang violence, or alcohol usage. It is going to have the main dangers we see around us and the ways we can prevent it. I will also use ethos, pathos, and logos to catch my audience attention. For ethos-, my audience will be able to see that I care about the community and the children’s safety. They will also tell how I live in a bad neighborhood and how I grew up seeing a lot of crime in my neighborhood. I will show the ways that we can prevent danger from occurring and different types of dangers we see. For pathos-, I will be using pictures of alcohol being in the park to show how obnoxious it is to leave alcohol surrounded by children. I want to feel the need of being concern around there surroundings for their children. For Logos-, I will be explaining why it is important to have more police officers and POD’s. We always hear statistics of how Chicago has most crime committed. Medium: For my medium, I have decided to create my topic in a creative style. I will gather pictures explaining the violence I see in our communities. Then, I will gather pictures of ways we the society can prevent them. I will make sure I make my pictures stand out the most because I strongly believe that pictures tell us the meaning. I will also create a Power Point with the colors of blue to represent the colors of Chicago. I will also focus on the certain point of the images, so I will crop or zoom to focus on the object. My blog will also contain the Chicago flag in the background to represent where I was born and raised and how crime has exceeded. I will be using different font and size styles to focus on what would I be talking about. Arrangement: My power point will be about 10 slides containing types and ways to prevent violence. Each picture will have a small anecdote explaining the picture or background message of it. I will first start with explaining the danger I see around us and continue to talk about ways of fixing the community. Depending on the location of the picture, it will determine whether my goal is for you to read left to right or right to left.

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