Wednesday, September 24, 2014


About 3 years ago, I heard the most devastating news that affected the way I felt being around my neighborhood. One of my closest 14-year-old friends was brutally attacked with a sledgehammer and beaten down to death. He was huddled by a group of gangbangers as they mistakenly confused him for being part of another gang. When I heard this news, it affected my view on our society and the safety of the children in our community. The worst part is that they did not catch any evidence of who the suspects where because no camera was nearby. Gangs have controlled Hermosa, my community, for a couple of years now. If you take a walk around my neighborhood, you can immediately notice gang graffiti as vandalism or alcohol in streets. The children are able to notice as they walk to school all the different types of danger there is. We should not have any children near danger because it can affect their life. If we do not take care of this issue now, it will keep on growing until soldiers will guard our city. We, society, need to take action and make sure no violence is occurring to where it can affect our child’s education. My purpose is to gather all the community to foil any danger occurring in our streets. There are many ways that we can prevent danger such as having more police cameras around the neighborhood. Another way is having more police cars driving around or even in bicycles or in feet going through schools, parks, or stores making sure everything is going the right way. The last way is by having more security surrounding the school zone to prevent any crime. I really want to focus on this area of safety because many innocent teenagers are drying due to gang violence

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