Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Purpose Statement and Design Plan

Purpose: The purpose for this synthesis essay is to gather all the ideas from all the different authors and find the whole purpose of it. All these authors are talking about the workforce and how some are affected by it or some are benefiting from it. My goal is to choose the side of how jobs are now being competed against one another and how more and more people from across the world are arriving at the U.S for its education. I hope that I can aware my audiences that many people desire the education that we receive and that we must take advantage of it. Many illegal immigrants are arriving at the U.S and are majoring in education that we know is going to be popular in the future. The best outcome of me writing this paper is that my audiences begins having a backup plan and are taking their education seriously. The worst outcome is that they do not believe that jobs are being competed against one another. Throughout this whole paper, I plan to structure it based on two authors and there points in each body paragraph and connecting it to the while idea of how education must be taken realistically.

 Audience: The audience I am trying to reach upon is undergraduate students who are choosing there majors. I feel like before choosing upon a major, a lot of research has to be done to see what are the possible chances that it will be running in the future. They need to understand that many jobs in the future will be handling by machines that operate on them. I also feel like this can also tie down to the parents because they can help their child with what they feel like being when they grow up.

 Context: The best time to read my paper is during High School years. The reason why is because it should give them the hint that they should go a career that will benefit them. They should also start trying to work in that field as internships or volunteers because it will look well in there resume for future jobs. The more experience you have, the more chances you will have.

 Design Plan
Strategy: The way I will catch my audience attention is by bringing up a quote that will put your mind in deep thoughts. It will make you stay in thought of why changes are coming and how it will be tough from now on.
 Ethos: I will like to convince the audience by using facts that competition will always be there and that we must take our education seriously because others desire it. I will bring up quotes that explain the reasons why it is tough to get jobs.
Pathos: I will appeal my audience to have an emotion of dedication and hardworking. They will see that many are suffering from graduating off college and not finding a job and have to be paying off loans.
 Logos: I will bring up statistics that prove that the job rates are being terminated due to machines being operated and controlling more objects and doing more work than humans will.
 Medium: This paper will be organized with an introduction explaining what I will be talking about throughout the whole essay. Then it will be led on to a whole paragraph with two sources explaining the idea of jobs being difficult to find as well as the other paragraph. I will include an MLA because I will be using quotes.
 Argument: I want my audience to get the idea that there will be competition; therefore, all education must be taken seriously. Those who do not might have a hard finding a job to maintain them in life.

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