Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I care about

What I care about the most is rehabilitation for inmates who are serving time in prison. I feel like this extremely important because one is that they are serving time because they committed a crime. So when being sentenced, it is important that they have treatment programs that can rehabilitate them into bringing them back to our society. Many offenders who are then released from prison have not yet fully learned their lesson and continue on doing crimes that impacts our world. However, there has been many prison violence that have impacted people hardcore. There is gang and rape that occurs the most. I feel like throughout the early 1800's, the corrections department has changed tremendously to better the way things go inside the prison. They had fixed the way prisons were organized and how inmates were classified and put into different security levels. So throughout the years, the corrections inside a prison has improved as all issues were brought up and have developed ways to make sure it has been taken care of. I feel like this is a general audience issue because when an offender comes out of prison we should make sure he is rehabilitated so he won't come out to the society and cause more crimes. We should learn about how the corrections facilities run in the prison system. We should be concerned about the violence that occurs in prison and see whether things are actually going in order. Or if the treatment programs are benefiting the inmates to help them out. How has the corrections in the prison changed since the early 1800's?

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