Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Statement of Purpose and Design Plan

Statement of Purpose: My motivation in this rhetorical paper is to effectively describe every poster and explaining of domestic violence. I will present the poster, and give a description of the visual and then describe the text. I will make sure I analyze every poster and get into further detail of the visual, for example, the characters position. I will then explain how ethos, pathos, and logos show in the poster. What I hope on making my audiences feel is the need to speak out of yourself and do not let any men control you or hit you. I want to get the people to speak early before it is too late. Many symptoms might give you a hint on where someone is experience domestic violence. Audience: The audience I am trying to aim to is women mistreated by men. Nevertheless, also to the men who are committing domestic violence because not only are they affecting their relationship, but also the life of their child. I also want to reach to people who see domestic violence or know someone in life going through this situation. It is better to speak now before the situation goes worst. Context: The reason why I want to describe posters that represent domestic violence is that this topic has been talking about over the years. I understand that there are offenders in prison for domestic violence and the bad thing about that is that the child is facing the consequences. So perhaps, the child is in therapy for rehab for what he or she had seen. We all know that domestic violence occurs at a home, but most of the time it is when the male is intoxicated. He has no complete sense of what he is doing and it can get out of control. Design Plan Strategies: I will gather four posters that show the visual with domestic violence. I hope to get two with more visual and the rest with more text. I will then prove which poster effectively does a better job of showing rhetorical appeal to the audience. I will give a description of the image and the colors and fonts. I will include my introduction explaining domestic violence, and how I hope to get this point across. Ethos: I want the audience to see that we can speak early before the incidents gets out of control during domestic violence. Pathos: I want to show my audience how children are more affected by domestic violence than the mother. Logos: Prove how we can fix this and statistics of men in prison due to domestic violence. Medium: I will be writing a 5 paragraph paper of explaining domestic violence and explaining every picture in one paragraph and going into depth with it. Arrangement: One picture will have a paragraph explaining ethos pathos and logos and the description of it.

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